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SDIC Impact Report

The San Diego-Imperial Council (SDIC) has made great strides forward in 2023 to deliver Scouting's values to young people. Thank you to our 4000+ volunteers and all of our donors whose contributions have set up our council for dynamic growth in the future. Your gifts of time, talent, and treasure help to shape lives. The 2023 Impact Report highlights the past year and shows that the council is set for even greater success in 2024.

Under the leadership of SDIC's Executive Board, our council has maintained a solid financial footing while weathering the challenges of the past few years. We are excited to message, loud and clear, that Scouting is safer and more relevant now than ever.

The Key 3 and the Executive Board are committed to achieving greater success in the coming year. We are establishing development practices to ensure our legacy with major gifts and grants. We are filling our summer camps and will increase how we advertise Scouting on social media. And, most important, we will grow our youth membership towards our goal of 6,500 youth served, while sending the message that all youth are welcome!

We can't achieve this success without your continued support. Take a look at 2023's achievements.

University of Scouting

The University of Scouting is Saturday, August 10th. Courses are designed to help YOU improve your skills and increase your knowledge in your area of Scouting. We have organized a single day packed with a year's worth of fun, program ideas, and information - the largest single training event for Scouters in San Diego-Imperial Council!

Open to all Adult Volunteers and Youth Leadership. You MUST register before 4:00PM August 3rd. Download the Course Catalog. Register Online now to earn your degree!

Popcorn Sales

Have a poppin' good time and earn great money for Scouting! Popcorn sales are now under way.

The Popcorn Switchboard will be available starting the afternoon of August 16th.

42nd Annual Golf Tournament

ALL GOLFERS, Save the Date! for the 42nd Annual Golf Tournament at the Admiral Baker Golf Course on Friday, November 1st. More information to follow.

Weekly 360 - Council Weekly Newsletter

Read the latest edition of council's weekly newsletter - Weekly 360 - where you can find out the hottest news about what's happening within San Diego-Imperial Council. Also available for your reading pleasure are past issues.

Important information regarding California AB 506: Mandatory Training and Background Checks

Effective January 1, 2022, the state of California adopted the law AB 506, which applies to ALL youth service organizations throughout the State. It is in addition to BSA Youth Protection Training, thus furthering council's support of their mission to protect youth in our program.
  1. All Registered Adult Volunteers and Regular Volunteer positions identified as requiring training shall complete the California Mandated Reporter Training: Volunteers. The training is available online and takes about two hours to complete.
  2. Download and sign the BSA Background Check Consent Form
  3. Upload the electronic versions of your State Mandated Reporter Training Certificate and your Background Check Consent Form to the San Diego-Imperial Council at, or email the forms to .

    Please make sure the file names contain your name and BSA ID, for example: Smith_John_1234567_CERT-765432.pdf or Smith_John_1234567_BackgoundConsent.pdf
  4. San Diego-Imperial Council has selected to partner with Biometrics4All to provide LiveScan services, which brings the cost down to $41 per person. You can register for your background check at For more detailed instructions on setting up your livescan appointment, please read the document here .
Registered adults in the BSA who do not meet the definition of a "regular volunteer" must complete the "Declaration of Exception"

Scouting 360 - Council Monthly Newsletter

Read the latest edition of council's monthly newsletter - Scouting 360 - where you can find out about what's happening at council and your zone, program news and much more. Also available for your reading pleasure are past issues.