Procedures and Guidelines for Council-Wide Activities Approval

BSA San Diego-Imperial Council welcomes the opportunity to participate in community events with other organizations. The responsibility of the SDIC A&CS committee is to facilitate these events by making sure that council guidelines and policies are available and understood by community members, BSA districts and units as they plan their events. The committee is also responsible to plan and lead annual council-wide activities such as the Scouting For Food Service activity, Scout Nights at Petco Park, etc.

Who should I contact if I would like to discuss a new activity for the council?

Contact the A&CS Committee Chair to begin the discussion of your activity. Complete the steps below to create a formal proposal for your activity to submit for council approval.

In order to provide the best experience for Scouts, unit leaders, district leaders and the community organizations who wish to partner with us, the A&CS Committee has created a simple procedure for organizing activities and events as follows:

  1. Download the Activity Proposal Form.
  2. Check the Council Calendar for conflicts, then complete the form and submit by email to the Activities & Civic Service (A&CS) Chairperson at least six months prior to the proposed event if possible.
  3. Activity Proposal Forms are reviewed monthly by the A&CS Committee and submitted to the SDIC Program Cabinet for final approval. Event chairperson must be notified of approval prior to proceeding with planning and execution of the event.
  4. If you wish to have an online registration system provided for your event, please review the Online Reservations for District and Council Events. Then, complete the Event Online Reservation Request Form and submit it with a copy of your event flyer by email to the Activities & Civic Service Chairperson.
  5. Provide planning updates to the Activities & Civic Service Chairperson and assigned Staff Partner if any.
  6. Once activity has occurred, complete a brief Activity After-Action Report narrative and submit to the A&CS Committee Chairperson no later than 30 days following the event.

Frequently Asked Questions

How early should I begin the planning process when I have a new idea?

Generally, the earlier you start, the better. Council-wide activities often have a planning phase of more than a year, to assure that the activity is scheduled at a time that works with the council master calendar, to be sure that the activity is properly staffed and that any planning that involves promoting the activity, planning a budget, or securing permits is set in place well in advance. Some activities require less time. However, we recommend a minimum of six months for most council-wide activities. If your proposed activity has been held in prior years, you should review the most recent budget and attendance figures as you get started.

What are some important things to consider when I begin to plan an activity?

The best place to start is setting a date that makes sense. You'll need sufficient time to develop the broad-based support the activity will require to be successful and to allow enough time for districts and units to incorporate the activity into their annual calendars. Beyond setting a date, you should consider how many people will be needed to staff the activity properly and what kinds of skills and experience will be needed. Consider the costs of the activity and how it will be funded. In ordering patches, ribbons, and other supplies, check with the Scout Shop for a quote. Their prices are competitive, quality is superb, and the product is guaranteed.

What resources are available to me for planning?

The San Diego-Imperial Council can help with planning by connecting you with Scouters who are experienced to help you have everything you need for planning a successful activity. In many cases, we can provide information from recent activities or events that may include project plans, budgets, evaluations, flyers or other promotional materials, details about supplies needed and sometimes inventory that can be used for the new activity or event. We also have written procedures and guidelines that will assist you in your planning. Consider using our online reservation system to quickly and efficiently track your attendees.

If I am interested in planning an activity that will be within my own district, who should I contact?

Activities to be held within your own district should be discussed with your District Commissioner and other district committee leaders, who can guide you to the information you will need for a successful event. The council Activities and Civic Service committee assists districts by providing general guidelines and procedures. A six-month lead time is helpful, as newly proposed activities will need to be approved by the District Commissioner, Activity Staff Partner and promoted within the district and at various Roundtable meetings.