Mystery Popcorn Houses

As an additional incentive this year, San Diego-Imperial Council has selected numerous homes throughout San Diego and Imperial Counties to be Mystery Popcorn Houses! Each Scout with sales of $1,500 or more and those who find a Mystery House will receive 2 tickets to a private viewing of Star Wars - The Last Jedi in December 2017.

Scouts may only qualify once per person.
Tickets are not transferrable.
Youth under 14 years old MUST attend with their parent or guardian as
their 2nd ticket.
Must RSVP to attend - no walk-ins allowed.

Be sure to check back for additional clues and to see which Mystery Popcorn Houses have been found! New clues are revealed every seven days, begining on September 1. There are 10 houses yet to be found.

House # City ZIP Code Community Elementary School Street House Color Something Unique GPS Coordinates
1 San Diego 92123 Serra Mesa Wegeforth Cuttino ______, born in 1975, American former NBA player Cream Colored, stamped concrete in the front yard 32.79000,
2 San Diego 92117 Bay Ho Alcott Earth's moon or the ancient Roman divine embodiment of the moon Beige House has no lawn - hawthorn hedge and junipers 32.83360,
3 San Diego 92119 San Carlos Dailard Named for a family of flowering plants Tan with blue trim Has solar panels; not on roof but on side pergola 32.81170,
4 Spring Valley 91977 Spring Valley Rancho It's a view Green The left front blind is always open thanks to the dogs 32.70830,
5 San Diego 92119 San Carlos Gage This lake is the longest of central New York's glacial Finger Lakes Tan with blue trim You can see an apple tree in the backyard 32.79910,
6 Oceanside 92056 Park Lake Alamosa Park Last name of the Founder of Scouting Eggshell Hibiscus flowers beside the driveway 33.24050,
7 Holtville 92250 Holtville Emmett S. Finley First name of Popeye's girlfriend Yellow Texas star "God Bless Our Home" 32.81420,
8 San Diego 92120 Del Cerro Hearst Latin word for Wales Beige 4 very tall palm trees in front 32.78810,
9 San Diego 92109 Pacific Beach Bird Rock A neighborhood in the central San Fernando Valley region of the city of Los Angeles named for Isaac Newton ___ ____ Off white with green trim Huge tree in the front yard! 32.81170,
10 El Cajon 92021 Blossom Valley Blossom Valley The Smoot-______ Tariff Act raised import duties by as much as 50 percent, greatly adding to the downward spiral of the world economy in the 1930s Terra Cotta Walls in front yard match the house color 32.86030,