Eagle Trail

The fact that a youth is an Eagle Scout has always carried with it a special significance, not only in Scouting but also as they enter higher education, business or industry, and community service.

Not every youth who joins a Scouts BSA troop earns the Eagle Scout rank. In fact, only 4 percent of all Scouts do so. More than 1.2 million Scouts have earned the rank between 1911 and 2018, and they made up only 0.512% of the U.S. male population. Eagle Scouts are a special breed!

This page is dedicated to the youth who strive to become a part of the small percent of youth who reach Scouting's highest achievement.

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Suggesting An Eagle Project

If you are part of a religious institution, school, or community organization and would like to propose a project to be completed by an Eagle Scout candidate, you can submit your proposal here. The project should be one that the Scout can plan, develop, and serve as a leader to others. Your suggestion will be listed here for no less than 60 days. If you wish to resubmit your proposal after the listing has expired, you may do so.

Getting Started

Congratulations! You've earned the Life Scout rank and are ready to begin your Eagle Scout Service Project. Before you take the first step, carefully read the information on this page and print the documents and materials you'll need.

If you already know what you're Eagle Service Project is going to be, that's great! However, if you need some help in finding a project, you can select one from a list of suggested projects submitted by the the San Diego and Imperial Counties community here.

Starting Your Eagle Project

To meet National Scouts BSA requirements, you must have your Eagle Scout Service Project Proposal approved by an Eagle Project Counselor before you begin your work. Click here for a listing of approved Eagle Project Counselors or ask your unit leader for a reference.

You must use an Eagle Service Project Counselor in current standing from the approved list. There are no other approved counselors.

Choose an Eagle Project Counselor, then call and make an appointment to meet with them immediately. Your counselor will assist you as develop a project proposal and continue to work with you as your Eagle Project Coach to help you develop a final plan.

Forms, Worksheets and Letters

As you plan and carry out your leadership service project, you must use the forms, worksheets and letter formats listed below.

  • Eagle Scout Rank Application - It can be filled out and saved out on your computer, or printed out and typed or completed by hand.
  • Eagle Scout Service Project Workbook

    The Eagle Project Counselor will continue to work with the Eagle Scout candidate as Eagle Project Coach to assist the Scout as he writes The Final Plan.

    Eagle Scout Project Workbook - This workbook contains all project instructions and worksheets. It can be filled out and saved out on your computer, or printed out and typed or completed by hand.

    Please Note: Remember that others will be reading these pages. You should print, type, or write legibly using black or blue ink. You may add as many pages as needed to thoroughly complete the workbook.

  • Recommendation Letter and Envelope.You should request a letter of recommendation from every reference listed on your Eagle Scout Rank Application! See below for detailed instructions regarding letters of recommendation.
  • Time Extension Request Form - It can be filled out and saved out on your computer, or printed out and typed or completed by hand.

Letters of Recommendation

Everyone you list on your Eagle Scout Rank Application should write a letter of recommendation on your behalf. The letter of recommendation is confidential and is not to be returned directly to you. It should be sent or delivered by the writer, in a sealed envelope with your name on it, to your unit committee person designated to collect these letters. Letters sent by email or fax are not confidential and therefore not acceptable.

The unit committee person will collect all letters and hold onto them until your completed Eagle Scout Rank Application and your Eagle Scout Service Project Workbook are ready to turn in to the Council Service Center. You should not be involved personally in transmitting any correspondence between persons listed as references and the Council.

Use the letter and envelope formats listed above for all of your letters of recommendation. They include instructions for the letter writers and the unit committee person who'll be collecting them. Make sure you provide the letter writers with an addressed, stamped envelope and request that they be written and sent as soon as possible.

Do not delay submitting your paperwork to council if the reference letters have not been received. The Eagle Scout Rank Application and the Eagle Scout Service Project Workbook should be submitted BEFORE your 18th birthday.


The San Diego-Imperial Council Eagle Scout Alumni Association maintains a list of scholarships available through local and national sponsors. Each scholarship has it's own criteria and application deadline, so read them carefully.

NESA Eagle Scout Service Project of the Year Award

The National Eagle Scout Association has established the Glenn A. and Melinda W. Adams National Eagle Scout Service Project of the Year Award to recognize valuable service of an exceptional nature by a Scout for their Eagle Scout leadership service project. The San Diego-Imperial Council will select a local winner, and from that pool, each region will pick a region-level winner. A national winner then will be selected from the four regional finalists.

Great Links, Helpful Hints

The following websites will provide information on special organizations, as our Council's Eagle Scout Alumni Association. If you know of other Eagle related links that we should include, contact the Council Webmaster.

  • The SDIC Eagle Scout Alumni Association (ESAA) - The ESAA was created with the express purpose to support and elarge the success of the Boy Scout movement and build fellowship among adult Eagles, ages 18 and older, in San Diego and Imperial Counties.

    The ESAA achieves this purpose by retaining its 18 year old Eagle Scouts and recruiting as many as possible older Eagle Scouts to become Scouting volunteers, by supporting activities within the Council that promote the Scouts, advancement along the trail to Eagle, and by giving recognition to the youth who earn the rank of Eagle Scout.

    When you receive your Eagle rank and are 18 years old, you will be eligible for membership in this local association. Applications are available at the Council service center or from any ESAA member. ESAA is the only local organization of Eagle Scouts. For more information, visit our Website.