Balboa Activity Arcs

Arcs are earned at Camp Balboa for participating in weekend camp activities, Wood Tool Safety & Use, Knots & Rope Making, Compass, No To Drugs, Cooking, Campfire, Skits, Songs, and many more.

Units camping at Balboa and participate in the activities available can earn Arcs to circle the Balboa patch twice and make a colorful patch that is 6 1/2" in diameter.

What do Activity Arcs do for "YOU"?

When you come to Camp Balboa the Arc program will make it easy to get your Scouts to work on some of their advancement and activity requirements. Several of the Arcs parallel those activities. i.e.; Knife Safety, Camping, Scouts Own, Knots, and Fire Safety.

You and your unit leaders can plan your weekend program around many of the Arc activities.

"Scouts will do almost anything for a patch."

Two or three active outings at Camp Balboa will usually create a vest patch 4.5".

San Diego-Imperial Council Camp Balboa Activity Arcs

Weekend Camping/Activity Activity-Arc segments to circle the Balboa Camp Patch.

Patch/Arcs Order Form

Balboa Camp Patch


Discuss what it means to be a good American citizen


Learning technique and shooting skills with the bow & arrow


Second campout at Camp Balboa & Service Project


Identification of various constellations

Bear Scout

Discuss what is a good Bear Scout to you


Third campout at Camp Balboa & service project


Participate in a campfire with another unit in camp


Camp at Camp Balboa with your unit


Unit Awards or Flag Retirement Ceremony at Camp Balboa


Fourth campout at Camp Balboa & service project


Learn to find your way with a compass


Cook one of your patrol/den meals


Work on a Craft while at a Balboa weekend campout


Discuss things that will clean up the world

Fight Hunger

Bring a Can, Box, or Bag of food, Give your reason for helping

Fire Safety

Attend a class on fire building, use & safety


Demonstrate four exercises for 15 minutes (total)

Flag Ceremony

Participate in a flag ceremony with your den/patrol
Fleur-de-lis Activity Arc


Discuss the Scout Oath and Law in your own words


Friendship with Scouts from another country/council


Play a game other than Football, Soccer, Baseball, with another unit

Handicap Awareness

Go through the Handicap obstacle course


Take the hike from camp to Balboa Park and back


Make a kite and fly it in camp


Learn and demonstrate knots at your rank level


Demonstrate two types of lashings (Scouts BSA)
Music/Songs Activity Arc


Participate in songfest or lead 2 songs at campfire


Get the camping patch, camp over at least one night

Pine Tree

Identify four plants or trees around the camp


Identify four recyclable items brought to camp

Recruiter (FREE)

Bring a friend and sign them up for Scouting while at camp

Red Cross

Show emergency first aid for your rank

Safe at Home

Discuss things to make your home safe and secure

Say No to Drugs

What do you think about drug problems & abuse

Scouts Own

Participate in a Religious Service (Scouts Own)

Service Project

Give an hour of service to make the Camp better

Air Rifle

Learning technique and shooting skills with the air rifle


Make or remake a skit and show it at campfire


Play a sport in the field with another unit


Do the safe swim requirements for your rank

Three Finger

Explain the Scout Sign to the Campmaster

Tiger Scout

Explain what is a good Tiger Cub

Two Finger

Explain the Cub Scout Sign to the Campmaster

Webelos Scout

Discuss what is a good Webelos Scout to you

Wolf Scout

Discuss what is a good Wolf Scout to you

Wood Tools

Participate in the Knife, Ax, and Saw safety course


Visit the Zoo or take the behind the scenes tour