The Backcountry - Where History Meets High Adventure

The Backcountry encompasses the area from the barn to the south end of the property, and includes the barn and related buildings, old commissary building, the retreat center, and the historic Treanor adobe house and ranch foreman's adobe. The following improvements and enhancements are recommended for the Backcountry:

The Barn and Equestrian Center

The barn will be structurally reinforced to prevent further deterioration. The roof will be removed and replaced with a material that is both structurally and aesthetically appropriate.

The area around the barn will be improved to accommodate a seasonal horsemanship program. A new riding arena will be built, as well as simple horse stalls, hay shed and tack room. The existing gathering area adjacent to the barn will be enhanced to best serve program needs.

The old commissary building will be upgraded and kitchen rebuilt to accommodate moderate sized groups for training and meetings. Other buildings in the barn area will be improved and enhanced for best use.

The historic ranch foreman's adobe will be renovated and converted into a wrangler's house.

The Backcountry Retreat Center

The historic Treanor adobe hacienda will be structurally reinforced and converted into a historic museum. The grounds surrounding the hacienda will be restored and enhanced for best use. The redwood tree encroaching on the hacienda foundation needs to be removed. It will be milled, with lumber utilized for improvements throughout the camp.

The existing dining hall at the Backcountry Retreat Center will be renovated and modernized to accommodate a variety of uses, ranging from multiple concurrent training courses to large group dining. Utility modifications will be made and furnishings purchased to support programs.

The existing casitas (dormitories) will be converted to accommodate groups of 8 to 32 per casita. Each of the four rooms in a casita will have its own toilet and shower room, built in accordance with Youth Protection Guidelines. Each room will contain four 2-man bunk beds. Skylights will be installed to "lighten up" the interior.

The common area in each casita will be remodeled to accommodate small-group kitchenette-type cooking. This remodel could include kitchen cabinetry, sink, a small refrigerator, microwave and stove, as determined by the Properties Committee. A dining table and appropriate lounge furniture will be installed.

The existing roofing used on both the dining hall and the casitas will be removed and replaced with a material that is both structurally and aesthetically appropriate.

The retreat center grounds and parking areas will be improved and enhanced to best meet future use. Both small and large gathering areas will be developed in and around the retreat center. Short hiking trails and bridges will lead guests to vistas and reflection meadows.

The remaining, undeveloped land in the Backcountry will be left for future designation. Trails will be developed to allow exploration of this land, with minimal impact on the natural environment.

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