Pardee Outpost Camp - The Rugged Outdoor Experience

The new 120 acre Pardee Outpost Camp is located in the hills northwest of the Ranchlands. The high-elevation area is covered with boulders and rock outcroppings, and features a year-round spring under a canopy of oaks. The property, purchased with a bequest from George and Catherine Pardee, will serve as a rugged outpost camp for older Scouts and a destination spot for hikers of all ages.

The Camp Entrance

A small program pavilion with secured storage area will be built to facilitate rugged outdoor training. Courses could include Leave No Trace outdoor ethics and the Wilderness Survival merit badge.

A rock climbing area will be designated and safe climbing routes established in accordance with national B.S.A. guidelines. Climbing equipment will be stored and locked inside the new program pavilion.

One small, 2-toilet restroom facility will be built to serve campers and hikers. A new water system will be designed and built, utilizing the fresh water spring located on the property.

A lookout tower will be built on the high point on the northern portion of the property. The tower will afford hikers a 360 degree view, from Lake Henshaw and the Palomar Observatory to Vulcan Mountain.


Master Plan Details …