Parker Scout Camp - The Heart of Mataguay

Parker Scout Camp is the heart of the Mataguay Scout Ranch. It encompasses the middle section of the property, and includes all summer camp related campsites, program centers and facilities. The following improvements and enhancements are recommended for the Parker Scout Camp:

New and Improved Patrol-Based Campsites

Parker Scout Camp will be redesigned to accommodate optimum projected summer camp program use. This use is defined as 440 Scouts, 60 adult leaders, and 40 camp staff each week.

In accordance with national B.S.A. summer camp facility guidelines, summer camp Troop campsites and program centers should be located within 1500 feet of the dining hall. Troop campsites will be designed to meet or exceed the recommended minimum size of 350 feet diameter and include a restroom, several Patrol sites, Troop assembly area and a distinctive gateway.

Fourteen Troop campsites will be designed and built. It is anticipated that three of these campsites may be taken out of rotation each summer and left unused, allowing vegetation in that area to grow. Eleven Troop campsites will be required to house the optimum projected summer camp program use.

Existing Troop campsites will need to be redesigned and replaced with campsites that support the "Patrol method". These new campsites will follow the national B.S.A. model and accommodate a Troop of summer camp Patrols (4-6 Patrols consisting of 6-8 youth per Patrol, plus adult leader corps). Topography and landscape capacity will define the shape of each campsite and the number of Patrols housed.

A new restroom will be installed at each of these new summer camp Troop campsites. Each Troop campsite will also contain a flagpole and large gathering area. Each Patrol site within a Troop campsite will contain four two-man tents on platforms and a Patrol picnic table. Distinct Patrol sites which can house 8 Scouts will be spread out within the Troop campsite, allowing Patrols to meet and work as independent teams.

New Troop campsites and program areas will be separated, with all campsites located outside the designated program areas. This change is designed to eliminate traffic through campsites and allow Troops to best enjoy their summer camp experience.

Lake Dan Henry Restoration

Lake Dan Henry, the main lake in Parker Scout Camp, will be restored by removing sand and debris built-up during years of creek runoff. A cove will be restored on the west side of the lake, the artificial "island" eliminated, and the lake entry mouth returned to its original width. Best methods of lake restoration and maintenance will be employed to ensure proper stewardship of creek beds. The restored lake will result in a significant expansion of water storage capabilities for fire protection and additional lake surface for program use.

This restored lake will feature natural coves and inlets, potential water effects (including waterfalls to aerate the water), and an esthetically pleasing path that circles the waterfront. The existing boat house will be eliminated and new waterfront program pavilions built for boating and fishing.

Lake restoration and expansion will be conducted in accordance with local regulations and following best methods. A task force shall be formed to guide restoration of the lake and the creation of waterfronts, monitoring progress from inception through the final cleanout and restoration phase. Materials removed during lake restoration will be handled appropriately.

Program Area Enhancements

The current rifle, shotgun and archery ranges will be relocated. The area occupied by the current ranges will be closed in accordance with local rules and regulations. Berms will be removed and the area redesigned to restore two new campsites that were originally at this location.

A new, state-of-the art shooting facility will be constructed in the area south or west of the existing shotgun range. Council staff will work with the National Rifle Association, B.S.A. national and local gun clubs to design and build shooting facilities that will best fulfill Scouting program requirements.

New gathering and meeting areas will be created throughout camp to enhance Scout programs at all levels, from small patrol activities and leader training to large summer camp presentations. Improvements and upgrades will be made to existing gathering sites, including the amphitheater adjacent to the dining hall and the Order of the Arrow amphitheater near the check dam.

A large, irrigated grass lawn will be created between Parker Pool and the lake. This area will be used for full-camp gatherings, flag ceremonies, evening programs and pick-up sporting games.

New program pavilions, raised wood decks and other "outdoor workshops" will be built to inspire youth and best deliver advancement and merit badge programs. Activity areas for younger Scouts will be located in relatively close proximity to each other to allow leaders to observe and assist. Older Scout high adventure centers will be moved farther away from the center of camp to create unique and interesting destinations.

The existing COPE course, located behind the retreat center, will be renovated. A new high and low COPE course will be built near Blackfoot Fort. The new course will be designed for maximum program use, accommodating Scouts of various ages and physical abilities.

A new climbing tower will be designed and built, featuring a wide variety of challenging walls and structures for Scouts of various ages and abilities.

A new nature center will be built into the hillside above the check dam. The center will be designed to accommodate an expanded nature program, and include foot trails to nature observation areas near the creek, pond and surrounding hillside.

Buildings and Facilities

New restrooms will be built at each summer camp Troop campsite, as well as near program and activity centers such as the shooting sports range, COPE course, etc.

New centralized shower facilities will be built at three locations within Parker Scout Camp. Existing shower facilities at both Parker and Blackfoot Pools will be upgraded to meet current Youth Protection Guidelines.

The Blackfoot Pool will be upgraded to include an expanded deck area.

New staff / family cabins will be built on the ridge northeast of Silva Lodge. These cabins will feature separate bedrooms and bath facilities, a small kitchenette, common living space and an exterior deck. Cabins will be built to accommodate up to eight staff members each.

A new administrative center will be built at the parking area east of Silva Lodge. The administrative center will include a camp check-in and registration area, medical lodge and meeting facilities, and will be located in the space currently occupied by the current staff housing. It may also include living facilities for the summer camp director.

A new road will be created from the new administrative center lot to the lower camp road, facilitating good traffic flow from the lower road gear drop area and new staff/family cabins to the Indian Rock parking lot.

Use of existing buildings, including Silva Lodge, the staff laundry room, staff lounge, trading post, hogan, pottery pavilion and current medical lodge will be examined by the Properties Committee and improvements made to best support program requirements. Among possible changes are:

  • Remodel of the current medical lodge into a new trading post
  • Conversion of the hogan into an Indian history museum
  • Conversion of the existing staff lounge into a leader's lounge
  • Remodel, reconstruction or elimination of the current trading post
  • Interior remodel of Silva Lodge

The Properties Committee will examine possible improvements to the Parker Dining Hall, including expansion of the seating area, enclosure of the dining hall for cold weather use, and reconstruction of the retaining walls surrounding the dining hall.

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