Background - The Master Planning Process

The Mataguay Scout Ranch Task Force

In accordance with the San Diego-Imperial Council Long-Range Strategic Plan adopted in 2004, a task force was formed in the Spring of 2005 to determine the best future use of the Council's Mataguay Scout Ranch, located near Warner Springs, California.

The task force, appointed by Council President Bob Bolingbroke and led by Chairman Dale Long, brought together Council board members and professional staff with experts in the fields of youth camping, camp facility development, building and landscape architecture, construction, forestry and conservation.

A Scout Camp Meets The Needs Of Tomorrow!

The goal, as reflected in the new Mataguay Mission Statement, was to develop a long-range master plan that would create a "camp environment that promotes a strong advancement program and exceptional outdoor opportunities resulting in quality programs for youth."

The task force analyzed the past and present use of the Scout camp, the conditions of existing buildings and program areas, the natural topography and geography of the property, and the road and utility infrastructure that supports the current use.

The task force then worked to determine the future needs of the Scout camp, keeping in mind the Council's goal of serving 40,000 youth by 2010. In making recommendations, the task force strictly adhered to best methods and carefully followed national B.S.A. guidelines for program delivery and camp development. The aim was to best support the needs of our Scouting programs.

Feedback And Priorities

A draft master plan was presented to Council Scout leaders in a series of Fireside Chats during October of 2005. Presentations covered all aspects of the master plan and Scout leaders were asked their opinions via open discussion and written survey. The results of this feedback validated the leaders' emphasis on program related improvements and helped prioritize the recommendations listed in this master plan.

Our Challenge

The task force recognizes that the success of this master plan and the recommendations set forth will require the development of a stronger financial base and a large increase of talented leadership. The utilization of volunteer labor and in-kind support will allow the Council to stretch capital dollars and deploy financial resources in the most efficient manner.

The Council Properties Committee will be responsible for dividing the master plan into appropriate phases, executing each phase based upon available funding. Priority will be given to those improvements and enhancements that best serve our core constituency, and then areas which will bring new groups of youth and leaders into the Scouting family, but special consideration may be made should a donor wish to fund a specific facility or program area.

This executive summary highlights the major improvements, enhancements and changes approved in the Mataguay Scout Ranch Long-Range Master Plan.

Master Plan Details …