The Ranchlands - The Gateway to Mataguay

The Ranchlands is the gateway to Mataguay, encompassing the area from the camp entrance to the Indian Rock parking lot. It includes large grasslands, a year-round creek and significant grove of heritage oaks.

The Ranchlands is home to the camp Welcome Center, two ranger residences, staff and campmaster cabins and the Ranch maintenance and storage yard. The following improvements and enhancements are recommended for the Ranchlands:

The Camp Entrance

A new, security gated entrance will be built at the very front of the Mataguay Scout Ranch. Attractive new signage will welcome visitors to the Ranch and direct campers to the appropriate check-in area.

New Campsites and Bridges

New campsites will be located on the opposite side of the creek, under oak canopies. These campsites will be designed to accommodate large groups, such as a zone camporee or family camp.

A series of bridges will cross the creek and connect the new campsites with the existing camporee field and new grass recreation fields to be located below the Welcome Center (A-frame).

The existing trailer camping area will be upgraded to accommodate year-round users. New trailer pads, utility connections, and bathroom will be added.

Land Use

Large, irrigated, grass athletic fields will be added in the open space below the Welcome Center. Picnic tables will be located throughout the area, below large oak and pine trees.

A new flag plaza will be built adjacent to the Welcome Center, overlooking the valley to the south. The plaza will serve as a tasteful recognition location for significant donors and supporters of Mataguay, past and present.

An effort will be made to enhance the ranching feel of the camp by introducing livestock and a limited agriculture program.

A new dam and crossing bridge is slated to be built west of the camporee field, providing permits can be secured. This dam would allow the historic lower lake, which had been washed out years ago, to refill once again.

Buildings and Facilities

The Welcome Center will be renovated or rebuilt to accommodate increased use. The new center will include restroom facilities, some program offices, indoor meeting facilities, a picnic table breezeway for outdoor gatherings, and parking for both visitors and day hikers. In addition to welcoming guests to the Ranch, the center could be used for family activities such as arts and crafts and evening programs.

Renovations will be made to both ranger houses, including building and landscape upgrades and improvements. The exterior facades, color schemes and hardscapes (fences and walls) of the ranch houses and new Welcome Center will be coordinated to create a unified ranch feeling.

The historic adobe gate house will be renovated to accommodate a small museum. The gate house grounds will be landscaped to match the adjacent ranger's house. The utility pole in front of the gate house will be removed and wires placed underground across the large fields.

The two existing staff cabins located near the maintenance yard will be replaced with new, single-story staff cabins.

The Ranch maintenance yard and workshop area will be improved to accommodate future work parties, storage of camp equipment and tools, and a new lumber milling operation. New roofs will be installed as required. Camp rangers will control access to the maintenance yard and camp equipment as appropriate.

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