Camp Policies

As with most facilities, there are policies that must be followed. The policies are in place to protect both the members of your organization and the amenities at Mataguay Scout Ranch. Failure to adhere to these polices could result in your group being asked to leave Mataguay Scout Ranch. If your group severely violates any policies, it could result in your group not being allowed back to Mataguay Scout Ranch.

General Policies

  1. The group leader is responsible for familiarizing their entire group of camp policies and to make sure that they are enforced.
  2. The group leader is responsible for the actions of all members in their group.
  3. There must be at least 2 adults in supervision at all times. One of these adults must be over the age of 21 the other at least 18. Youth campers cannot be left at any time without adult supervision.
  4. Each non-scout organization must have accident insurance of at least one million dollars in coverage. Proof of this insurance coverage must be submitted with your reservation.

Camp Policies

  1. The leader in charge of your camping group must check in with the ranger or campmaster upon arrival in camp. Where to check in will be posted at camp. Check-in normally occurs between 4:30 to 10:00 p.m. on Friday and between 9:00 to 10:00 a.m. on Saturday. Check-in at any other time should be pre-arranged with the Ranch Director.
  2. There will be no posting of signs on trees or on existing signs in camp. Groups should bring their own stakes and signs for posting. All signs must be removed prior to departure or deposit will not be returned.
  3. All vehicles must be backed into parking spaces to allow for quick removal in case of a camp emergency and must be parked in designated parking lots. Parking is not allowed on any of the camp roads or in any of the campsites.
  4. Vehicles are not allowed on camp service roads except in the case of an emergency.
  5. All drivers of vehicles on the ranch must abide by all state laws concerning vehicle operations. This includes the law that prohibits individuals riding in the beds of trucks.
  6. The camp speed limit is 15 mph. Please drive at this speed for the safety of all campers on the ranch.
  7. Ground fires are permitted in designated rings and only with permission from the Ranger. Fires are to be dead out before leaving the site or sleeping and are never to be unattended. All campfire rings must be cleaned before the group leaves. Campfire ashes are to be deposited in an "ASH CAN" located at Silva Lodge, Campmaster Building, A-Frame, or Blackfoot Headquarters. There is no dispersing of ashes on the ground. Groups are free to use any down wood for fires but are not allowed to take any wood off the ranch.
  8. There is no cutting of live trees.
  9. No group members should cross barbed wire fences and enter the property of our neighbors. Any individual found cutting a fence will be billed for repairs.
  10. All groups are encouraged to follow good ecological practices. This includes staying on established trails, respecting the native wildlife and plant life, and to refrain from trenching or digging.
  11. Pets are not allowed at camp.
  12. All trash and refuse must be placed in trash bags or other proper receptacles and deposited in a dumpster (at Dining Hall or Shop) before departure. Trash or garbage should not be buried in the ground.
  13. If a group member finds any Native American artifacts they should immediately report this to the ranger or campmaster. The disturbance of any artifacts, archeological sites, or historical building is a federal crime.
  14. All campsites, buildings, and equipment are expected to be left as clean, or cleaner, than they were when your group arrived. Under no circumstance should camp equipment be moved without permission (i.e. moving fire rings or picnic tables). Any damage caused, or cleaning required by the ranger, will result in the loss of the security deposit.
  15. Taps is at 10:00 p.m. Please respect your neighbors and keep your noise to a minimum after this time.
  16. Please camp only in designated campsites. Do not camp off trails or other open areas. Please respect the camping arrangements of others.
  17. The use of or possession of alcohol, and/or illegal substances while on the property of the Boy Scouts of America is not permitted in any way. We will strictly follow these rules and enforce all local, state, and federal laws where violations involving drugs are reported.
  18. In accordance with the BSA Guide to Safe Scouting, Adult leaders should support the attitude that young adults are better off without tobacco and may not allow the use of tobacco products at any BSA activity involving youth participants. Please keep this in mind and refrain from the use of tobacco in the presence of youth campers.
  19. If your group uses camp supplied pioneering poles (rope not included), they must be returned at the end of your visit. Groups are not allowed to cut pioneering poles for any reason.
  20. The leader in charge of your camping group must check out with the ranger or campmaster upon departure from camp. All units and groups must be checked out by 12:00 p.m. on Sunday. Later check out must be pre-approved by the ranger.

Mountain Bike Policies

Groups are welcome to bring their personal mountain bikes into camp for use on their activities. The following rules have been established to make this experience fun, feasible, safe, and ecologically sound.

  1. 1. All bikes must be in good repair.
  2. Individuals will assume all liability for the care, maintenance, and condition of their bike. The camp will take no responsibility for injury due to unsatisfactory maintenance of personal mountain bikes.
  3. Individuals bringing a personal mountain bike must also bring an approved helmet and must at all times wear a helmet while riding.
  4. Individuals may ride their bikes only on camp roads or approved trails and must keep their bikes at a acceptable speed (15 mph). Riding on the road in and out of camp is not allowed. Trail riding must be strictly enforced both for safety and environmental considerations. BIKE RIDING SHOULD STAY ON ROADS AND DESIGNATED TRAILS FOR SAFETY REASONS.
  5. Individuals must store their bikes in their campsite. Mataguay Scout Ranch cannot take any responsibility for damage incurred while a personal Scout mountain bike is stored in a site or used on the ranch.