Weekend Program

Did you leave something at camp? Click here to report it.

Did you leave something at camp? Click here to report it.

Mataguay Scout Ranch offers a variety of opportunities for your unit to enjoy an weekend camping. These are just some of the possibilities.

Fee Structure

COPE Course (Capacity: 25)

The Mataguay Project COPE (Challenging Outdoor Personal Experience) course is located at the south end of camp, past the Conference Center (park here and walk to course). Project COPE is a high adventure ropes course, emphasizing leadership, teamwork, and self esteem. The participants climb, swing, balance, jump, rappel, and think of solutions to a variety of activities.

Reservations for COPE are dependent upon the availability of a council instructor. Recommended age is 13+, but our staff will work with your unit so that no one is left out and everyone benefits from learning how to be part of the team. The time required to complete ALL activities is between 30 and 45 hours. We typically deliver 20 hours of program to participants who join us on COPE weekends. There is a mandatory dress code of tennis shoes, socks, jeans or other long pants, and shirt. If you wear glasses a sports band is recommended. Participants with asthma should not forget their inhalers. This is a strenuous activity.

Call the Council Service Center for a Project COPE reservation form or for more information.

Climbing/Rappelling Tower & Instruction (Capacity: 30)

Climbing/Rappelling instruction at Mataguay Scout Ranch has similar requirements as those for COPE. Instruction will be on the climbing tower. Here individuals will learn climbing techniques, use of equipment, safety considerations, and terminology.

To earn the Climbing/Rappelling patch, participants must participate in a full climbing/rappelling instruction and camp for the weekend at Mataguay.

Call the Council Service Center for a Climbing/Rappelling reservation form or for more information.

National Rifle Association (NRA) Awards

Mataguay Scout Ranch has several shooting sport facilities which can qualify individuals for several of the NRA awards. When reserving these facilities, make a note that you would like to work on these awards and the range master will work this out when you arrive.

In Camp Hikes Award

The In-Camp Hikes Award is a two inch round patch. To earn the award, participants must complete the following:

  1. Upper Lake Hike
  2. Explain the importance of good hiking boots.

Mataguay Hiker's Award

The Mataguay Hiker's Award is a four inch boot print patch. Complete the following to earn the Hiker's Award:

  1. Earn the In-Camp Hikes Award.
  2. Camp for two (2) full weekends at the ranch.
  3. Explain the importance of proper hiking equipment, and the use of a hiking stave.
  4. Explain the environmental impact of hiking and ways to lessen this impact.
  5. Complete a three (3) hour trail building project (Scouts/Venturer/Sea Scout) or a 1 hour project (Cubs/Webelos) as assigned by the Ranger or Campmaster. (Service projects may be done individually or with your unit.)

Barrel Springs Award

The Barrel Springs Award is a two inch round patch. To earn this award a Scout/Leader must:

  1. Hike from Barrel Springs to Mataguay Scout Ranch.
  2. Explain the importance of staying on the trail, proper hiking equipment, and the use of a hiking stave.

Mataguay Pacific Crest Connector Trail Award

The MPCCT Award is yet to be determined. It will be a four inch patch. The following must be completed to earn this award:

  1. Hike from Mataguay to the Pacific Crest Trail using the connector trail.
  2. Camp one night on the Pacific Crest Trail.
  3. Spend two weekends working on the trail with the trail crew.
  4. Explain the environmental impact hikers, mountain bikes, horses, dirt bikes, and vehicles have on trails.
  5. Explain the history of the Pacific Crest Trail.
  6. Explain the benefits of proper trail making and care.

MSR Naturalist Award

The MSR Naturalist Award is a four inch square patch with two crossed shovels behind a pine tree. Complete the following to earn this award:

Scout/Venturer/Sea Scout

  1. Earn two nature related merit badges or show proficiency in their requirements.
  2. Explain the diversity of the ecology located in the Mataguay valley.
  3. Tell how humans have impacted this ecology. Give five examples.
  4. Give five examples how we can better preserve the ecology in the valley.
  5. Work for four hours assisting in nursery operations.


  1. Identify four plants growing at Mataguay (one of which must be poison oak).
  2. Explain what erosion is and how it can be prevented.
  3. Give four examples of how plants help animals.
  4. Work for one hour assisting in nursery operations.

Year Round Patch Segments

To earn any of the segments to Mataguay's year round patch, you simply have to participate in the programmed event. Segments available are: Family Camping, OA Work party, Fall Fellowship, Spring/Winter/Fall Camporee, Fun-With-Son, Summer Camp.

Work Weekends and Service Projects

For those units who would like to attend camp and use their time there to perform a weekend service project, general camping fees will be waived. This is only for units who plan to work and give service to Mataguay for an entire day (min 6 hours). Service projects must be pre-approved by the Ranger. Units do not qualify for free camping unless a full day's service is rendered. All other fees and deposits must be paid, and other applicable paperwork is the responsibility of the leader.

For extended service over time, there is a Helpful Beaver patch which can be earned. If you are interested in this, please contact the council service center for requirements and an application.