Fiesta Island Youth Camp

Adjacent to the Youth Aquatic Center (YAC) is the Fiesta Island Youth Camp (CFI), which is owned and operated by the City of San Diego.

The Camp holds up to 250 campers, with approximately 100 parking spaces. There are 34 campsites, each which can accommodate a maximum of 8 campers. Each campsite has a fire pit and picnic table. A centrally located restroom has drinking water and rinsing showers. Overlooking the bay is an amphitheater and bonfire ring, which is great for large group campfires.

Permits are required for day use or overnight camping and are available for youth organizations only. For permit applications contact the City of San Diego, Park and Recreation Dept., Developed Regional Park Division, 2125 Park Blvd., San Diego 92101 619.235.1169.