Youth Aquatic Center Equipment & Facility Policy

Thank you for choosing the Youth Aquatic Center for your upcoming adventure. We are excited and are already planning for your arrival.

In order to stay current with BSA standards, all equipment user groups must provide the following information upon check in at the quarterdeck (front office area). Failure to do so may result in the loss of the reservation with no refund.

  • Current CPR and First Aid Training Cards (1 adult in attendance)
  • Confirmed Reservation Form
  • Safe Swim Defense and Safety Afloat training cards (BSA only - 1 adult in attendance)
  • Annual Medical and Health Record (Parts A & B) for each participant. Must be in the possession of an adult in attendance.

When using a meeting room (Sail Bay/Kitchen/La Jolla Room) or Dorm Rooms you agree to remove all trash, return tables and chairs to original position plus sweep/mop/vacuum as applicable. Remember a Scout is CLEAN.

Please keep in mind that many youth groups use our facilities and equipment so please make sure to check in and out on time (per your reservation). Please note that participants must be able to handle the loading and unloading of equipment and all equipment must be cleaned with fresh water and placed back on the racks prior to 4pm.

Please call our Ranger if you will not be able to arrive or depart at the time indicated on your reservation. Failure to show up or call our Ranger will result in a forfeit of your reservation and there will be no refund.

Payment is due two weeks prior to the reservation date. There will be no refund for non-use of equipment reserved unless the equipment is unavailable at time of use.

DAMAGE/LOSS DEPOSIT is due via credit card on day of use and will not be charged unless damage/loss incurred ($250 per kayak, canoe, rowboat, paddleboard; $500 per sailboat, motorboat; $30 paddles)

Again, thank you for your reservation. If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to contact the Camping Department or 619.298.6121.