Training Area Restoration Project (TARP)

A gift to our Training Area Restortation Project (TARP) will help the San Diego-Imperial Council perform much needed repairs to the Mataguay Conference Center. The Conference Center -dining hall and casitas (dormitories) - has been home to Wood Badge, National Youth Leader Training (NYLT) and Project COPE.

Years of diverting funds to other parts of the camp have left the Conference Center in dire need of repairs - from leaking roofs to failing bathroom fixtures and kitchen equipment. Help us towards our goal of raising $100,000, or more, to make the desperately needed repairs.


Donations: $150,581.16


$0 $100,000

Help Us Cross the Finish Line

We have accomplished so much, and are so close to being able to finish the basic restoration of the Mataguay Conference Center. Time is short as our first training event is opening weekend of Wood Badge 2019 on May 1st!

Our Work Parties have been very successful with over 40 people participating for a total of over 800 work hours already dedicated to this project!

What has been done so far:

Dining Hall/Kitchen Roof has been stripped and re-laid41,364
Casita #4 roof repaired5,525
Kitchen ceiling has been repaired and paintedDonated
All Kitchen equipment has been thoroughly cleanedVolunteers
Commercial grade tile to be laid in the kitchen3,072
New Kitchen fire suppression system (contract signed)6,240
Hot serve counter is being rebuilt to meet health codesDonated
Metal kitchen prep tables needed to meet health codes1,300
Kitchen walls have been covered with Commercial grade fiberglass panelsDonated
Dining Hall ceiling has been covered with drywall400
Toilets and faucets are being repaired in the casitasDonated
Doors and windows repaired/ new lock sets will be installedDonated
Miscellaneous building supplies600
Spent to date$58,815

Due to some very generous donors, we have raised $150,581.16 in cash! This has allowed us to pay for the necessary upgrades thus far.

What needs to be done to reopen the kitchen:

Renovate Freezer/Refrigerator (firm bid)8,000
Replace rear kitchen door400
Paint newly repaired walls/ceiling (estimate/seeking paint donor)500
Window screens, other misc.1,000
Permits/inspection fees (estimate)2,000

Generous Donors

The TARP Committee would like to thank all of those who have participated in our work parties, and to those to those listed below who generously donated to make this project a success!!

  • Rex Blankenhorn
  • Jeff & Mary Bostwick
  • Gwen Campbell
  • Laura Cartier
  • Cynthia Clarke
  • In memory of Nigel Clarke
  • Karen & McDermot Coutts
  • Felicia Cox
  • Carlo & Nadine Daleo
  • Enrico Del Vecchio
  • James Ellison
  • Mike & Terry Ellison
  • Nate Englund
  • Trevor Fee - CEO Cole Engineering Services Inc
  • Kevin & Peggy Gellenbeck
  • Gottschalk Family Trust
  • Glenn Graczyk
  • Stephen Granata
  • Dennis Gutgesell
  • Guy Hadley
  • Bobbi Hammack
  • Derek Hartley
  • Skip Haugh
  • Kenneth Horton
  • Mark Howe
  • Jung Im
  • Wesley Im
  • Intuit
  • Evelyn Jabasa
  • Marc Janov
  • Marc Janov
  • Richard Kelly
  • Le Khanh
  • Alice Kulikowski
  • John Lacrosse
  • Heidi Lee
  • Christopher Lindung
  • Steven Loeffler
  • Grace Ludena
  • Doris McCarthy
  • John & Anne McHenry
  • Paul Melcher
  • Evan Miller
  • Stan Miller
  • Donald Mitchell
  • Olaf Mjelde
  • Christopher Morgan
  • Jacques Naviaux
  • Tom Naylor
  • Bob Niderost
  • Charles Nothdurft
  • Deb Oberg
  • Pacific Southwest Structures
  • Mike Reynolds
  • Brian & Carol Ruark
  • Patricia Ruark
  • Kit & Rusty Sargent
  • Kelly Schafer
  • Ryan Scheidt
  • Elizabeth Segil
  • John Shotwell
  • Brian Stadnik
  • Erin & Roger Sur
  • Amy Tadlock
  • Kevin Burg Tiwahe Lodge
  • Paula Trubitt
  • Mike Tullio
  • Christopher Vaughan
  • Richard Volkert
  • Gary Weisman
  • In memory of Michael Winchell
  • Charles Wurster
  • Peter Young

For more information on the Training Area Restoration Project, please contact Sean Roy, Director of Development, at 619.298.6121 x215.