Membership Resources

"A steady flow of youth into each scout unit is essential to maintaining the unit’s health. Plus, new Scouts bring energy and enthusiasm to the program! To avoid the pitfall of shrinking membership, a unit should add at least 10 new Scouts every year. Having a year-round growth plan in place will help attract new Scouts." (

  • SDIC Guide to Unit Membership Growth: Sustainable Membership Growth is an important duty of every scout Pack, Troop, Crew, Ship & Post. This is accomplished when the unit committee creates an annual plan that includes a New Member Coordinator and builds strong relationships with local schools and other community groups. This Roundtable slideshow is packed with many ideas and resources to help you succeed.
  • SDIC Unit Membership Plan Templates: This template will help scout units to get a start on creating their annual membership plan. Send a copy to the Council ACC for Membership.