2023 National Jamboree

2023 National Jamboree

Scouting’s flagship event is one-of-a-kind. It’s a gathering of approximately 15,000 Scouts, leaders, and staff that showcases everything that is great about the BSA and its members. Held every four years, the Jamboree is an amazing opportunity for participants, volunteers, and visitors to experience the best of Scouting, all in one place. Features include one of the longest zip line courses in North America, a world-class skate park, ATV offerings, treetop canopy tours, rock climbing, patch trading, stadium shows, and much more!

Zoom Meeting – Welcome & Overview

All participants and interested parties can attend our initial Zoom meeting on August 21, 4 pm. We will present information about Jamboree and preparation in the coming ten months. We will have a Q&A session for those who are new to Jamboree. Zoom link information is provided below.

Aug 21 (Sun) 4 pm - Zoom Webinar


The 2023 National Scout Jamboree (NSJ) will be Wednesday, July 19, through Friday, July 28, 2023 at the Summit Bechtel Reserve in West Virginia. SDIC will leave Tuesday morning July 18 from San Diego and arriving in Charlotte, NC in the evening. The troop will stay one night in a hotel before arriving at Summit Bechtel Reserve the next day. After the Jamboree, the troop will return home Friday afternoon, July 28th from Charlotte and will be arriving in San Diego in the late evening.

All participants are required to register on the National Jamboree website in advance. Pending approval from the council, the participant will be formally enrolled in the troop contingent. This is a no fee registration required with National Jamboree so sign up as soon as you can to submit health forms and youth scholarship applications.

The total cost will be $3400 which will include round trip airfare, ground transportation, jamboree fees, NSJ hat and neckerchief, contingent patches, duffel bag and tee-shirts. Participants are responsible for two complete BSA uniform (required) and spending money. There WILL NOT be an additional tour with this trip in order keep our prices low and allow more Scouts to participate. SDIC council will handle incremental payment collection via the Doubleknot website.

SDIC is planning to take up to 2-3 units to Jamboree: an all-female troop and a male troop, and possibly an older youth crew. Troop unit leadership will be established, and regular monthly meetings will be required for all participants. A detail schedule on these meetings and location will soon be announced.

Each SDIC Troop will have a Scoutmaster and multiple Assistant Scoutmasters. If you are interested in applying for these positions, please email an Adult Leadership Application to Steven Lee by July 30th, 2022.

Registration & Payment

A non-refundable reservation fee of $250 must accompany the initial registration. Once you click on the Doubleknot payment button below, you will be prompted to “choose participant type”. Within the registration process, you will be able to select male troop, female troop or Venturing crew.

We highly suggest that regular payments be made on a monthly or bi-monthly basis. Full payment must be received no later than March 20, 2023, for participants to attend. The following is the payment schedule for the 2023 National Jamboree (although more may be paid in advance): Council Jamboree fee includes:

• Initial Reservation Fee (non-refundable)$250
• 1st Payment (due Aug 20, 2022)$250
• 2nd Payment (due Sep 20, 2022)$500
• 3rd Payment (due Nov 20, 2022)$800
• 4th Payment (due Jan 20, 2023)$800
• Final Payment (due March 20, 2023)$800


Jamboree Scholarship

A National Jamboree scholarship is currently available for youth participants to apply for as a part of the Jamboree registration process. Depending on the financial needs of the family, this may help cover up to 50% of the Jamboree fees of $1285. See Jamboree Scholarship for more information.

  • The next deadline for scholarship applications is December 31, 2022, with second (final) round applicants notified by February 15, 2023.

To request a Unit Presentation, please contact Steven Lee.

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SDIC Jamboree Committee Chair: Steven Lee

SDIC Council Advisor: Robert Young