2017 Centennial Program Opportunities

To help celebrate our next 100 years of Scouting, the Centennial Committee has come up with some ideas to help your unit grow as well as opportunities for your youth to have a great time. Visit www.sdicbsa.org for the gateway to these great opportunities.

100 Hours of Service

This program can be earned at the individual, or den/patrol, by documenting at least 100 hours of service by an individual and/or a combined level of 100 hours of service by the den or patrol. Individual award will be a limited edition patch, while unit recognition will be a flag streamer.

100 Stories of Scouting

This is a call for youth and adults alike to send in their cherished stories of their favorite scout outing or event. For Scouts, this can be used for "Scouting Heritage" merit badge requirement. These stories can be verbal or video and will be vetted and put on the Council Facebook twice a week. Stories and Videos can be uploaded to Youtube or Vimeo and links sent to: dhartley@scouting.org.

100lbs of Food

This year, we are hoping to get all units involved to generate 100,000 lbs. of food donated to local food banks through the Scouting for food program. Every unit that brings in at least 100 lbs. of food per den or patrol, will have their unit displayed on the council website banner. (ie. If you have 4 patrols, that’s 400lbs). Scouting for Food.

100 Reasons to Join

Youth are asked for their top reasons to join and will have the top 100 put into a new recruitment flyer for this fall. All ideas can be sent here: dhartley@scouting.org.

100 Percent FOS participation

All units that turn in 100% of their FOS cards on their presentation night, will receive a limited edition special unit streamer for their flag.

100 James E. West Fellowships

This is a great opportunity to help the Council Endowment grow. Gifts of $1,000 to the Council Endowment help to keep our Council sustainable. For more please contact: James Lennon.