Popcorn Switchboard Availability Information

This page lists popcorn products that units are short on and/or have too many of. This list can help you find another unit to help you out, by either helping you fill an order or relieving you of some of your product to fill an order.

If you have a need for more popcorn product, or have too many, and you have not registered your information, you can do so here, or update a prior registration here (New for 2021).

Flavors That Units Want To Get

This table displays the popcorn products that units are short on. If you have extra products, even if it's not someone's full desired amount and/or you haven't yet posted them, please contact the person listed.

Salted Caramel Popcorn
3 cases Foothills Troop 975 92115 Trista Zeis E-mail 619.788.3395

Flavors That Units Have Extras

There doesn't seem to be anyone that has any extra popcorn products at this time. That could change at any time, so check back later.