District Award of Merit

The District/Division Award of Merit is awarded by a district or Venturing Division to registered Scouters for service to youth in the district or division. Normally, the award is presented for service to youth in excess of five years. Under special circumstances, a registered Scouter may receive a second District/Division Award of Merit for their service to youth in an reorganized district or division or as part of another local council (such circumstances are rare, but may be approved by a council's Scout Executive). There are no provisions for the wearing of a device or emblem officially to denote the second or subsequent awards. Unofficially, those Award holders that have received more than one may wear a small universal device centered on the knot. The BSA has no official records of any volunteer or professional receiving the Award of Merit in more than two separate districts or divisions and on the 2000 version of the national application form, discourages districts from recommending individuals for a second or subsequent District Award of Merit.

Career (professional and professional-technical) members of the Boy Scouts of America may receive the District/Division Award of Merit upon concurrence of the Council Scout Executive and the Deputy Chief Scout Executive, BSA, for their roles as volunteer Scouters only. They may not be recommended for this award based upon any aspect of their professional service to youth or the district or division.

District Award of Merit Application