Old Town Patch

This patch is designed to encourage Scouts to learn about San Diego. To earn this patch, Scouts must take a field trip to Old Town San Diego State Historic Park and complete the following requirements.


Cub Scouts should complete any 5 of the following:

  1. Visit the Park Headquarters in the Robinson / Rose building and see the model of San Diego as it was in 1872.
  2. Tour the Casa de Estudillio Museum.
  3. Tour Stealey Stable, the stable yard, and on Wednesday and Saturday the Blacksmith Shop.
  4. Visit the Johnson House Museum.
  5. Visit the San Diego Union Newspaper Museum.
  6. Visit Mason Street School. Call 619.297.1183 for details.
  7. Visit the Wells Fargo museum in the Colorado House. Call 619.294.5549 for details.
  8. Take a walk through the park and identify 10 plants from the following table.
Location Common Name Year Introduced
Park Headquarters Sycamore native
Plaza Eucalyptus 1851
Plaza Cork Oak 1900
Behind Racine/Laramie Fig Tree 18th century
Behind Racine/Laramie Poplar native
Steward Adobe Pomegranate 18th century
Steward Adobe Olive 18th century
Steward Adobe Grape 18th century
Steward Adobe Prickly Pear Cactus native
Steward Adobe Arundo Grass 18th century
Mason Street School Cape Honeysuckle 1853
West Side Estudillo Loquat 18th century
West Side Estudillo California Pepper 1834
West Side Estudillo Apricot 18th century
West Side Estudillo Olive 18th century
West Side Estudillo Palm Tree (date) 18th century
Pedrorena Palm Tree (fan) native
Union Museum Century Plant 1853
Behind Union California Pepper 1834
Behind Union Banana 1800-1850
Behind Union Arundo Grass 18th century
Sealey Stable Alley Prickly Pear Cactus native
Sealey Stable Alley Bougainvillea 1874
Sealey Stable Alley Sycamore native