Scouting for Food COVID-19 style will be our practice for 2022. Feel free to be involved as a unit or individually with any food collection campaign offered in the community to fulfill your Good Turn for America effort this year. We will include collection opportunities on this page throughout the year as we become aware of them. If you hear of an upcoming event in your area of the County, please let us know so we can post the information here for other units who might want to participate.

Upcoming Collection Events: There are no events scheduled at this time.

Register your efforts on the 2022 Registration page linked below and then Report your actions on the 2022 Reporting page linked below so we can track how Scouts are staying involved in this most important and traditional form of community service offered by BSA nationally each year.

As the coronavirus vaccine becomes more prevalent in the community, we may promote a regular Scouting for Food campaign later in the Fall but for now we just encourage you to serve as you feel comfortable.

Scouting For Food Photos

If you have any questions about the current or past Scouting for Food campaigns, please contact the SFF Council Coordinator.