Best Practices

There are many ways to conduct a Scouting for Food campaign depending on the size of your unit, ability of unit members to participate, location where your unit meets and contacts your unit may have in the community. The following ideas are offered for your success:

  • Participate in the month of March when food collection is most needed by local food banks. If that month doesn't work for your unit, collections are welcome at any time of the year.
  • Coordinate with other units in your district to collect food in a specific geographic area on one Saturday in March with collection on the following Saturday. Coordination will keep you from overlapping.
  • Order your door hangers now from your District Executive or district Scouting for Food rep. A limited supply will be available at the Council Service Center. Door hangers will be available at the February and March Roundtables.
  • In lieu of door hangers, print copies of the SFF Promotional Flier (PDF or Word) and attach to paper bags to leave on doorsteps. Be sure to include contact information about your unit and date you will collect.
  • Contact your local schools, churches, and businesses to partner with you for a specific period of time. Provide them with San Diego Food Bank barrels adorned with a hand made poster publicizing your collection period. Many units are finding this to be a very efficient and successful way to collect food donations and build good will in the community. Click here for a great How-To Unit Plan from Pack 975. See how one business partner, IDEAL Plumbing, is actively involved in Scouting for Food promotion.
  • Approach your local grocery store manager for permission to set up a table outside the store. Pass out SFF Promotional Fliers (PDF or Word) to entering customers requesting them to purchase an extra can or two or even a bagful of items to contribute as they leave.
  • Watch the San Diego Food Bank video as a unit to learn how and where your donations are used. Share the link with your friends and family members with an invitation to assist you.
  • If physical collections are difficult for your unit, consider a Virtual campaign. Invite friends, neighbors and family to go to the San Diego Food Bank Virtual Store to make a quick cash donation. Each $1 donated equals 6 pounds of food.
  • Associate unit collection efforts with local District events. Bring a can of food as the entry ticket to an event. Have a contest for which unit can collect the most donations to bring to the event.
  • Consider scheduling your unit to volunteer at the San Diego Food Bank to get the full understanding of the work of this great organization. Volunteers are needed throughout the year.