Participation Guide

Scouting for Food is the premier Scouting community service activity for our Council. Primarily held during the month of March, collection efforts are welcomed throughout the year.

CHOOSE a project coordinator for your Scout unit who can collaborate with our partners for an effective collection experience. Promote the project to your unit by explaining the importance of the effort and outlining the key dates for participation as determined by your unit/organization leadership. The SFF campaign kick-off is in March, but collections are welcome year-round. Use the San Diego Food Bank video to teach your scouts about the value of their efforts. Check out the Unit Talking Points presentation to help you get off to a great start OR the Scouting for Food Powerpoint to take a tour through the SFF pages.

REGISTER your unit participation online at the Scouting for Food Registration page to get started.

DETERMINE your target collection area or audience.

  • Order door hangers from your district Scouting for Food rep.
  • Consider reaching out to your local grocery stores, businesses, schools or churches to partner with you (See Best Practices).
  • Identify your preferred donation location from the  Collection Drop-Off Locations map or make plans to deliver food to your own local food pantry.

CONDUCT the campaign in March or another date convenient for your unit.

  • Distribute door hangers and/or the SFF Promotional Flier (PDF or Word) to homes in your designated area on the date determined by your leaders. Add a label with your name and email address on the bottom of the flier or door hanger. Include your collection date.
  • If you choose to place San Diego Food Bank barrels or boxes for collections, determine the best locations to assure success (your school, church, unit/organization meeting place, other local businesses). Attach a SFF Promotional Flier (PDF or Word) or your own hand made poster to the collection receptacle with information about the campaign including collection dates. Contact Kimberly Castillo at the San Diego Food Bank to order barrels. Kimberly has more information regarding using SDFB barrels and boxes.

RETURN to your targeted area to collect donations on the day you have indicated on the door hanger/flier. Gather barrels that you have placed. Deliver food to the San Diego Food Bank warehouse, your own local food pantry or one of the other locations on the  Collection Drop-Off Locations map.

REPORT participant service hours and pounds of food collected on the Scouting for Food Reporting page to help us track progress toward our 2020 goal of 50,000 pounds and to be eligible to receive participation patches for all of your Scouts. Also report your service hours on the Journey to Excellence website.