Scouting For Food 2022
Q&A Guide for all Scouting Units

Q: How does my unit participate in this event?

A: First, select an adult volunteer to take the lead within your unit. Next, register your unit to participate in this event by visiting It's that easy!! TIP: Keep track of those who donated. You will need that information later.

Q: Are there door hangers provided like in previous years?

A: No. Due to the pandemic we wold like this to be run as a drive through event limiting direct contact with others. It is recommended that Scouts NOT solicit door to door donations. However, council cannot prevent Scouts from soliciting donations in their neighborhood. See next question below.

Q: What!? No door hangers?! How are we supposed to advertise?

A: Utilize social media (Facebook, Instagram, Nextdoor, etc.) and personal emails to friends, family, neighbors, etc. to spread the word. A URL and QR code will be available for people to use to promote Scouting for Food on social media. The code will allow participants to scan and donate electronically to the San Diego Food Bank if they choose not to make a physical canned goods donation. Click here for several templates to send out via email or social media that contain the URL and QR code. ALSO - a 1/2 page flyer is available here for use.

Q: Where do we drop off the food when it has been collected?

A: Various locations around San Diego County are designated 'drop off locations' on March 19th ONLY. Click here to find a drop-off location nearest you.

Q: “What if my unit already has a favorite charity that we support each year during Scouting for Food?”

A: That is okay. Your unit can use this Scouting For Food event/date to promote and collect for any non-profit that distributes food to those in need. Churches that have food pantries, Food Banks in other cities, and Father Joe's Village are examples of places that can receive your donations directly! You will just be responsible to arrange a drop off of the items to the organization you choose.

Q: Can I make a food dropoff at council during the month of March?

A: Yes! The Council Service Center will serve as a food drop off location throughout the months of March and April as needed.

Q: Can I get one of those plastic red barrels to place at my place of worship or at work?

A: Absolutely! Any Scouter can register online or contact Kayla Thomson ( at the San Diego Food Bank to arrange a pickup of the red barrels at either San Diego Food Bank warehouse locations. NOTE: These red barrels hold approx. 200 lbs of food!!

  • North County Food Bank - Vista: 1445 Engineer St, Ste 110, Vista 92081
  • San Diego Food Bank - Sorrento Valley: 9850 Distribution Avenue, San Diego 92121

Q: My unit always collects tons of food. What if we need multiple trunks to make the donation?

A: You do have the option of getting large plastic or cardboard boxes from the San Diego Food Bank. Please contact Kayla Thomson ( to inquire about high capacity containers that can hold up to 1000 lbs of food!
NOTE: These are pallet sized boxes. You will need a large truck to transport these. The filled box will need to be taken directly to the San Diego Food Bank to be unloaded with one of their forklifts. Or, if you can get the boxes to a designated dropoff area on Saturday, March 19th they can be received then.

Q: My unit participated, collected and dropped off food. Now what do I do?

A: First of all..a HUGE thank you for participating! Please visit to record the total weight of your donations and the total number of participants your unit had. This will determine the number of participation patches your unit receives.

Q: We want to participate but our unit is still taking COVID-19 precautions. How do we collect food this year and adhere to COVID protocols to keep our unit safe?


Option 1:
Invite families to donate individually. Have them bag their items, weigh everything, stuff it all in their trunks and take it directly to a drop off location on March 19th. A map of drop-off locations can be found here. Make sure to get the names of participating Scouts to the unit Scouting for Food coordinator so they can get their patch when it's over!! Click here for several templates to send out via email or social media that contain the URL and QR code. ALSO - a 1/2 page flyer is available here for use.

Option 2:
Collect in your unit only. Have families make drop offs to your Scouting for Food unit coordinator (this is a great position for someone that can only help for a short time). The unit coordinator can safely set these donations aside an make a larg donation to a drop off site on March 19th.