Council Training Course Protocol

It is the goal of the Council Training Committee to provide the most prompt and accurate information possible regarding training in all districts and throughout the council. If you would like to schedule a training course either at the district or council level, please follow these guidelines:

  1. Review your plan including proposed budget with your District Training Chair and Council Training Committee for approval. You will need to include Host name on the Flyer Template.
  2. Check your preferred training date(s) against the Council Calendar for conflicts with other pre-scheduled trainings/activities that might impact your course.
  3. If you wish to conduct the training course at a SDIC site (Mataguay Scout Ranch, Camp Balboa or Youth Aquatic Center), contact the Council Service Center 619.298.6121  x246 to schedule. Camp facility reservation form is required.
  4. Next complete the Training Flyer Template request or create a flyer of your own. After appropriate approvals, submit to the Training Webmaster at least 3 months in advance of the training date, if possible. This flyer will be posted on the SDIC Training website, linked to the Council Calendar, used to set-up a Doubleknot registration link (if requested) and submitted for distribution at roundtables.
  5. If you wish to request a Doubleknot link for your registration process, please review these Instructions Then, complete the Event Online Reservation Request Form. Send the Request Form and a copy of your flyer by email to the Training Webmaster. Requests for a Doubleknot link must be submitted at least two weeks before the date you would like the registration to be live and up on the website.
  6. Contact the Council Service Center 619.298.6121 x256 to reserve training materials as needed. Return the training materials box to the Service Center within 48 hours of the course.
  7. If you need to change details of the course or cancel the training, contact the Training Webmaster as soon as possible.
  8. Within one week of the conclusion of the course, submit a copy of the course Attendance Roster, Doubleknot roster, if applicable, any registration fees collected and all original receipts to the Council Service Center.